Why Do You Write “For Boys?”

If you’ve wandered around my blog at all, you’ve probably noticed that I write a lot of posts about, and for, boys. I’ve already started to get some negative feedback about my “for boys” posts, so instead of responding to EVERY comment, I thought I would write a post and explain the reasons why I write content “for boys.”

Here's WHY I write "for boys."

Authenticity: Write What You Know

As a blogger, I want to be real with my readers. The best way to do that is to write about what I know. I may not know everything there is to know about boys, or how to homeschool them; but, as a mom of 2 rough and tumble boys, I am on a journey of learning all that I can about my precious sons! I’d like to invite my readers to join me on this journey of discovering what it looks like to be a girl in a boy’s world! 

I don’t have girls.  Yes, once up on a time I WAS a little girl, but that was a long time ago indeed. Parenting a girl is not the same as being a girl. For me to write about little girls, what they like, and how to teach them, would be completely theoretical. And I think the internet has enough theory. What we moms need is to share what works for us in the trenches and inspire and encourage one another. 

So, I write about boys.

I Believe In Gender Differences

There, I said it. Boys and girls are different. Not better. Not worse. But different. I know that this idea is becoming “passe” or “going the way of the do-do bird” as one reader commented, but I am a Christian. And, as such, the ultimate source of truth is the word of God, not whatever the current culture finds acceptable. God’s word states the He created us “male” and “female.” He made us wonderfully unique in order to complement one another. Despite what most of our culture says, this is a good and BEAUTIFUL thing.

When it comes to education, we do a disservice to our children when we treat them like their gender doesn’t play a role in how they learn. And, unfortunately, the current educational climate in the United States is destroying our boys! If you teach or love a boy, THIS IS A MUST WATCH:

As a homeschooling mom of boys, I am very interested in learning how boys think and learn. And this is the motivation behind my School For Boys Series, and everything else that I write about boys. 

“For Boys” Does Not Mean “Not For Girls”

Although my main purpose in writing is to gather resources for those who are educating boys, since this is what I know and do, it does NOT mean that I’m attempting to exclude girls. If you have a daughter who is interested in any of the topics about which I write, then by all means, I hope that they will be a benefit to you as well! 

Some Final Advice

As we find ourselves wandering through the internet, I hope we will realize that bloggers find their own niche in which to write. If they want to be good at their craft, they write about what they know and are passionate about. This will inevitably strike a chord with some, and offend others.

Please remember that you are not required to like, or even read, blogs that don’t bring benefit to your life. For every blogger you don’t like, there are 10 more out there that you would probably love. 

We would serve ourselves well to spend our time and energy finding bloggers with whom we can identify and connect, instead of leaving nasty comments on blogs with which we don’t.


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