wading in the waters of modern blogging

Wading In The Waters Of Modern Blogging

wading in the waters of modern blogging

I had a to-do list for the day. I got a few things checked off . . . ok, one thing. I made my bed! And then my boys beeeeeged me to take them to the pool. We start school on Tuesday (hence the to-do list) which makes this their last day of summer. How could I say, “no?”

Our neighborhood pool is pretty cool because it has a zero entry in the shallow end. This is a great way for shy toddlers to dip their feet in and gradually acclimate to the water. (It’s great for moms too, especially on days like today when the water was pretty cold.)

It got me to thinking about how involved modern blogging can be. Remember the days when blogger and livejournal ruled the blogsphere, and all you had to do was upload your personal ramblings and a picture or two?

Times sure have changed, especially if you want to get a following and try to make an income. There are costs involved with blogging if you want to make it look good and add functionality; so the plan for this year is to try to break even! Wish me luck! And then share a post with your friends. 😉

noah and playdoh#2 is down for a nap and #1 is all set up with some Play-Doh , so I thought I’d get a little more back end stuff done. Once school starts, my time will be pretty limited, so it would be nice to have the bare bones functionality set up so I can just add posts as the inspiration bug bites!

I’m still trying to decide if I want to upgrade my wordpress account so my amazingly talented hubby can redesign my site; or, if I want to have him do the whole thing from scratch. Either way, until I decide, I have a FREE account; so any money earned from the ads you see go straight to wordpress!

I did set up an Amazon Associate account! That means if you click on the word play-doh in the 5th paragraph and order something off of Amazon, I will earn a commission. Neat!

I also set up instagramtwitter, and pinterest accounts. Apparently I am one of the last Instagram hold outs. EVERYONE is on there! Can someone explain it to me? You can already share photos on facebook and twitter . . . so what is Instagram and why do I want to use it?

To wrap things up, I’m entering blogging at the zero entry side of the pool. I’m not quite ready to jump off the diving board just yet. As my husband gently reminded me last night, school HAS to be the priority.

I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned from Amanda at Simple Saving Savvy! If it weren’t for her training and pouring into me, there’d be no way I’d even know where to start dipping in my feet!

It’s back to my to-do list! I hope you all have a blessed Labor Day Weekend!

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