When You See How She Organized Her Scarves, You'll Be Running To Your Closet To Try It!

This Is The DIY Scarf Organizer You’ve Been Looking For!

This Is The DIY Scarf Organizer You've Been Looking For!

This is the DIY Scarf Organizer you have been looking for! I promise!

It is no secret that I am a recovering hoarder. So if you long to bring order to your life, but don’t even know where to start, I’ve been where you’re at! I even have a whole pinterest board devoted to becoming an more organized person: An Ordered Home, A Happy Home

For about two years now, I have been going through the process of becoming more organized (and more minimalist). And I’ve learned that the two things really do go hand in hand. The less stuff you have, the easier it becomes to bring it to order. I’ve still got a way to go on this journey, but I’ve picked up a few things through the process that I’ll be sharing in 2016.

Today I’m going to start with something small (but very helpful if you’re a scarf person.) I happen to LOVE scarves. I think they can really make a mom wardrobe pop. I’ve tried various DIY scarf organization ideas that I found on pinterest, but every single one of them failed. Like this one:

This Is The DIY Scarf Organizer You've Been Looking For!

Not only could I not get the scarves to stay nice and neat, they would inevitably snag on the shower curtain hooks. I ruined a few scarves this way. 🙁 The one where you glue shower curtain rings together was even worse. Plus I could never find the scarf I wanted.

A while back I reorganized my closet and came up with the perfect DIY scarf organizer! This is hands down, the BEST way to organize scarves!

I tried to explain how to do it in writing, and while it is a simple solution, it’s hard to put into words. So I made you a video tutorial!

I will say, is that this solution does require either a huge closet, or a minimalist attitude toward clothing. If you’re closet is brimming forth with cloth abundance, you will have to trim back a bit before you can implement this solution. Once you get going, it can really be freeing. I hope to soon write a post on how to get rid of things, even when you’re a hoarder.

Until then, I will leave you with this tutorial. If you decide to do this with your scarves, I’d love it if you’d leave me a comment and tell me how you like it!

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  1. Teresa asbell
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    Lisa I’m so proud of your creativeness. I some how need to to Stevie’s Elvis scarves the same way in his man cave!!


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