Once Upon A Child Semi-Annual Clearance Event

Once Upon A Child Semi-Annual Clearance Event

I hope all of you lovely readers have had a wonderful Christmas Holiday! I also hope you’ve been too busy making memories with your families to notice my absence in the blogosphere!

We’ve had a ton going on, and not much time for writing, unfortunately. But I wanted to hop on real quick and make sure my local OKC readers knew that Once Upon A Child in North OKC is having their semi-annual clearance event on January 1st! And everything marked for clearance will be just $1!!!!

Once Upon A Child is a children’s consignment store, and it’s my favorite way to get clothes for my kids. Garage sales are great, but they can be hit and miss. You can find lots of great gently used clothing, toys, and other baby accessories.

Their everyday prices are pretty good, but twice a year (usually in January and July) they have a big clearance event. They will be open from 10am – 8pm. The earlier you go, the better the selection will be!

You can also bring in your gently used clothing for cash or store credit. I haven’t had a ton of luck with this. They are super picky about what they take, and don’t pay you a whole lot. I usually just take my stuff to All Things Baby in Edmond. I figure I make just as much with the tax write off, and my clothes go directly to a family in need at no charge to them. Win-win!


Jan16 Once Upon A Child Clearance

HELPFUL SHOPPING TIP: Leave the kids at home if you can. The aisles are pretty narrow and there are likely to be a lot of people at the clearance event. There are no shopping carts, so if you have to bring your littles, bring a carrier or stroller. 

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