Oklahoma City Metro Homeschool Groups & Co-Ops

A list of Oklahoma City Homeschool Groups & Co-Ops! Links to extra-curricular opportunities around the metro too!

This is a working list, so, if you have information on another Oklahoma City Homeschool Group or Co-Op, please let me know in the comments! I’m still waiting to hear back from a few groups regarding their dues. I’m also working on a list of extra-curriculars for homeschoolers. Hopefully I’ll have that published soon! 

OKC Facebook Homeschool Support Groups

Christian Homeschool Moms of OKC

Edmond Homeschool Moms

Oklahoma Homeschool


Choctaw Community Homeschool Co-Op

Group Type: Formal, Weekly Meetings (Mondays) and Classes 
Dues: ?

“Choctaw Community Homeschool Co-op’s purpose is to provide a means of challenges and group interactions for the student in all subjects matters. To encourage parents through support and information that is needed to accomplish their goal in homeschooling their  children. To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by promoting him in all subject matters.”


Edmond Home Educators

Type: Casual/Fellowship/Field Trips & Activities
Dues: $20/year (Membership includes discounts at many local businesses)

“EHE is alocal support group serving homeschool families in Edmond, Oklahoma and thesurrounding areas.  EHE is an affiliate of Oklahoma Christian Home Educators’ Consociation (OCHEC).” They offer a wide range of fellowship & field trip  activities. Seems to be pretty laid back, and you can participate in as much or as little fits with your family.

Edmond Secular Homeschoolers

Type: Casual, Fellowship, Field Trips, Academic Clubs, Mom’s Nights
Dues: None

“Our mission is to create a support system for homeschool families that may not otherwise have a group to rely on. We want everyone to feel welcome and we genuinely mean everyone regardless of race, religion, or orientation. . . . Monthly activities include park play dates, art and science clubs, mom’s nights out, a tween/teen co-op, and seasonal parties.  We are working on coordinating volunteer opportunities and field trips.”

Elevate Co-Op

Type: Formal Classes, Weekly Meetings (Thursdays) Activities, Field Trips, Mom’s Nights
Dues: $150/year {+ one time $25 enrollment fee)

“The leadership of Elevate is working to provide a mixture of fun and core classes for the students.  The vision is to see the co-op grow to meet the needs of families with older students and their core curriculum.”


Type: Social/Committed
Dues: $15/Month

A small group of committed homeschoolers who gather for social outings/field trips. Coop meetings are 1st & 3rd Thursday at the American Legion from 1-3, and meet a few times/mont for field trips. This group only accepts a small number of families so everyone can get to know one another, and require that members commit to attendance. Contact Tanae Clark for more details. 

Peace Homeschool Co-Op

Type: Formal, Weekly Meetings (MONDAYS) with Classes for ages 12 and under, Field Trips, Mom’s nights
Dues: Varies

This group meets weekly for formal classes, and requires a commitment from parents to be involved in a class or other area of service within the group.

SHINE – Supporting Homeschoolers In North Edmond

Type: Formal Classes and Fellowship Opportunities 
Dues: $10/semester

This group offers elective/enrichment type classes and various activities. Parents are not required to teach, but are asked to help with various administrative duties. they provide, “encouragement, accountability and fellowship to new and experienced home school families in North Edmond through field trips, small group meetings, cooperative learning experiences, seasonal activities, mentor relationships, celebrations and informal/formal sharing/teaching opportunities.”


Logan County Home Educators

Type: Casual to Formal with optional classes
Dues: $20/year (classes are extra)

Homeschool clubs, fieldtrips, and classes through HIS CO-OP (for LCHE members only.) 

Soar Homeschool Co-op

Type: Formal Weekly Meetings with classes (Meets at Community Church in Guthrie on Fridays)
Dues: Varies

“We are a group of homeschool families who seek to glorify God by keeping His commandment to faithfully teach the next generation about His goodness by providing Christian based, cooperative learning opportunities, practical and spiritual support and encouragement, and mission opportunities to assist families in their commitment to homeschool.”

Midwest City

Life Schoolers

Type: Casual
Dues: None

“We are homeschoolers in the Midwest City, Del City, and surrounding areas in Oklahoma. The purpose of this group is to learn from one another, share, and post about group activities in this area (such as various classes, book clubs, park days, music lessons, etc.) ”


LIGHT Homeschool Group

Type: Formal Weekly Meetings with Classes, Field Trips, Mom’s Nights Out
Dues: ?

“The L.I.G.H.T. Homeschool group is a support group of 100+ families from the South Oklahoma City/Moore area . . . We believe that we have been called by God to home educate our children.  The L.I.G.H.T. Group offers many  activities to help and support you and your family throughout your homeschooling journey.”


Tri-City Home Educators (Blanchard, Newcastle, Tuttle Area)

Type: Casual/Fellowship/Clubs/Activities
Dues: $25/year

“Tri City Home Educators (TCHE) is a group of Christian Home Educators that meets in the Tri City areas of Newcastle, Blanchard/Bridgecreek and Tuttle in Oklahoma . . . We have many activities to offer within our group such as geography fair, science fair, father daughter gala, mother son banquet, and many, many more. We are affiliated with OCHEC.” 


Norman Area Home Educators

Type: Casual/Fellowship/Field Trips & Activities
Dues: $25/year (Membership includes discounts at many local businesses)

“An organization based in Norman, Oklahoma, that helps member homeschooling families find resources and share information, and offers occasional activities for the enrichment of our children’s education.”

C.O.A.C.H. Central Oklahoma Alliance of Christian Homeschoolers

Type: Formal Classes
Dues: Varies Per Class

C.O.A.C.H. offers formal classes taught by instructors, banquets, and academic fairs.

The Loop

Type: Casual and/or Formal Classes
Dues: Varies Per Class

This group offers classes, as well as a place to just come hang out and do homeschool together. “The Loop is a creative homeschooling space away from home.  We are a cooperative group of parents coming together to fill our families’ needs for creative expression.” 

Oklahoma City

Classical Conversations

Type: Formal, Weekly Meetings of Classes taught by trained parents/teachers 
Dues: $400/year/per child + cost of books and materials

These groups are nation wide, and follow the same classical curriculum in their homeschooling. They usually meet once a week do do classes and activities together.

“Our purpose is to partner with homeschool parents who want a classical Christian education for their children. Our weekly programs and communities are academically demanding and are for families interested in pursuing a challenging classical curriculum. We are not a private school, but a service that is operated by facilitator-tutors who have successfully homeschooled their own children and seek to complement your homeschool.”

COHE Central Oklahoma Home Enrichment

Type: Formal High School Classes
Dues: (Before June 1)  $50 per student and $25 for second student, and $20 for each additional student

“Central Oklahoma Homeschool Enrichement (COHE) Exists to supplement the homeschool community by providing quality high school level courses taught in a Christian environment.”

ECHO – Educators for Christian Homeschoolers of Oklahoma

Type: Formal/Classes
Dues: $50/semester (per family) + $30/month (per class)

This group offers over 40 classes for students grade 1-12. 

HOPE Homeschool of OKC

Type: Casual/Fellowship
Dues: $20/year + $5/class
Contact: Linda Miller 405.802.0474

This group meets at Putnam City United Methodist Church and “Serv[es] the Northwest Oklahoma City, Bethany, Yukon, area. We are a support group for Christian parents who wish to home educate their own children. We meet three times a month.  The first  Thursday being “parent support group”, second Thursday is “kids day” and fourth Thursday is ‘a field trip.'”

OKC Community Homeschool Group

Type: Casual/Fellowship/Field Trips/Fun Classes
Dues: $25/year

“To bring home school families together that live in South Oklahoma City, Moore and the surrounding area, whether new or experienced, giving each other support, encouragement, and community with one another through field trips, play dates, fun classes, small group meetings,moms night out and more! We welcome ALL homeschooling families, from different backgrounds and beliefs into our group.”

OKC Secular Homeschooling

Type: Casual/Fellowship/Clubs
Dues: None

They offer a Double Digit club, Art club, Littles, Field trips, Geography, park days, etc. “Oklahoma City Secular Homeschooling was started to give families in the Oklahoma City area a way of connecting with like minded people.”


Canadian County Inclusive Homeschoolers

Type: Casual/Fellowship/Clubs/Field Trips
Dues: None

“The purpose of Canadian County Inclusive Homeschoolers (CCIH) is based around extracurricular activities that are not currently available to the homeschool community in Canadian County. I want this group to be a resource for creating teams/groups/etc. for different activities. Activities include, but are not limited to spelling bee, chess clubs, field trips, etc.

This group is inclusive; meaning that we are not secular or non secular in our member requirements. Every homeschool family in Canadian County (or those outside if willing to travel) is welcome to join.”

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  1. Leah Bou
    Leah Bou at |

    You forgot the Edmond KONOS Co-op. Our initial planning meeting will be held at my house on Wed., May 11th at 6:30 PM. We are a hands-on unit study based co-op that is both fun and educational! Our co-op serves middle to lower age groups (K-5th) and is centered upon the KONOS curriculum. KONOS is basically unit studies on steroids; the curriculum integrates Bible, character, history, science, literature, writing, field trips, critical thinking, arts/crafts, music, drama/speech, geography, social studies and health/safety. The only subjects not covered are the three R’s. We meet in Edmond every other week from 9:30am –2 PM—-this year we’ll be meeting on Fridays. On our off weeks, we try to plan optional field trips that correlate with our unit of study (many of which we open to EHE as you’ve seen on the calendar). There is no cost to participate in the co-op. Subjects studied are selected from the KONOS curriculum at our initial planning meeting; you can see a basic outline of the subjects offered through KONOS on my Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.com/squidie2003/ . Each family, in turn, rotates the responsibility of planning, gathering supplies and hosting that co-op lesson and activities in their home. In order to keep the co-op manageable, we are limiting participation to 8 or 9 children; therefore, space is limited. Please e-mail call or text, if you have questions, would like to see example lessons, and/or would like to join us for our initial meeting.
    Leah Boudreau
    cell: 805-660-2490

  2. Nichole Flatt
    Nichole Flatt at |

    Thank you for this resource! My family is moving to Edmond soon and this list is an awesome find for me!

  3. David Soup
    David Soup at |

    I wanted to mention that my kids love homeschoolhackers.org
    They learn programming within the game Minecraft and play with other homeschooled kids across the world. My kids love it and you should look into it.


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