Tiger Last Day of Kindergarten Collage

FREE Kindergarten Memory Book (Homeschool Edition)

Free Printable Kindergarten Memory Book

I cannot believe that Tiger finished Kindergarten today!!!  It has gone so quickly. Look at this silly guy:

Tiger Last Day of Kindergarten Collage

We are planning a small graduation ceremony for him next weekend, so of course, I’ve been on pinterest looking for all the cutest (and simplest, ahem) ways to celebrate our big guy.  (I’ll post more on that after next weekend!) 

I kept seeing these Kindergarten Memory Books, but none of them really fit our needs as homeschoolers. So I made my own!

I left out things like “What I’m going to miss most about my teacher,” and added things like, “My favorite memory from co-op was . . .”I did not put lines on the pages, so the questions can be answered with text or drawing a picture. (or both!) 

The 14 total pages include a blank page in case I missed something you’d really like to include in your Kindergarten Memory Book!

I’m offering this a FREE PDF download to all my lovely readers! Thanks for sticking with me during my first year of blogging! All I ask is that you please don’t share the direct download link. If you want to share it, please share a link to this post.

Download here: KindgergartenMemoryBook

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