Inspire your young writer with this e-book published by a 6 year old! And learn how they can publish a book too!

Inspire Your Young Writer With an E-Book Written By a 6 Year old!

If you have a young writer at home, this post is for you! Somewhere there are notebooks filled with stories I wrote as a 1st grader. I wish I knew where they were!

I still remember how exciting it was being a finalist in a Young Authors contest!

Can you imagine helping your child publish his or her very own e-book? That’s just what one homeschool mom in my community did! 

She helped him come up with a pseudonym, (definitely something to consider for privacy) John K.S, and did some editing for him; but the rest all was all John! This fantastic young man is not only wrote and illustrated his own book, he wants to give 50% of his profits to a ministry in his church that helps the poor! How awesome is that?

John used the lessons he has been learning in language arts to craft his stories, and is also learning about entrepreneurship and charity through the process. 

If your child likes adventure and dragons, they will love to read about the Kingdom of the Strongholders and the obstacles they overcome! Most of all, I hope other boys and girls will be inspired to write their own stories, or pursue whatever talents and passions God has put into their hearts! 

Inspire your young writer to publish his or her very own e-book!

Check out John K.S.’s book  The Exciting Adventures of Rufuss and His Family: An Encounter with a Ferocious Dragon (The Adventures of a Boy and His Sister Book 1).

One small caveat to keep in mind is that Amazon requires your book to make $100 in sales before they will cut you a check. John has already sold 30 copies of his e-book! If he sells 20 more copies, he will cross the $100 threshold and will be able to donate 50% of his profits to help the poor in his community! 

If your child is interested in doing this as well you can read more in this article about How To Publish a Kindle Book! If you’re child does end up publishing a book, please leave us a link the comments! I’d love to read it and share it with my kiddos! 

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