Our Homeschool Schedule: Why We Do School First Thing In The Morning

Now that I found the routine that was right for me and my kiddos, we are loving and thriving with our new homeschool schedule!

Schedule. Routine. Do these words strike fear into the very core of your being? I can relate! I have a hard time sticking to the same routine day after day. But now that I found the routine that is right for me and my kiddos, we are loving and thriving with our new homeschool schedule! 

We have been “homeschooling” for 2.5 years now. I put that in quotes because the first 2 years was made up of mostly fumbling in the dark trying to figure this whole thing out. Tiger started Kindergarten this year, and I think we have finally found our grove! You can read about what curriculum we’re using in my Back To School post. 

This year we started out doing the bulk of our schooling during the afternoon when 2 year old Bee was taking a nap. This worked pretty well, until Bee stopped napping consistently. I had a very difficult time adjusting and figuring out what to do. When we started school back up in January, I thought I would try doing school first thing in the morning.

With Bee strapped in his high chair to my right, and Tiger with his work to my left, we started schooling at the kitchen table immediately following breakfast. And it has been amazing! We have gotten everything done, and then some! I make sure to have activities for Bee to do as well, so he doesn’t distract his brother too much. Some of these are learning activities, some are just for fun. Our schedule looks something like this:

8:00    Handwriting/Scissor skills/Fine Motor Activities

8:40    20 min recess

9:00    Phonics/Reading

9:40  20 min recess

10:00   Math

10:30   Dismissal 

We do not keep to those exact times everyday, and sometimes we add more. (When we did Star Wars School last week we did A LOT more. It was a blast!) But this is our basic Kindergarten schedule. This has changed our days! Here are my favorite things about my new schedule.

School is done before 11am. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I cannot tell you how awesome this feels! I know that as we move up in grades we won’t get done quite this early, but having school accomplished so early in the day makes me feel like a can conquer the world! Or at least maybe the laundry. 

The most important things always get done.

When Bee first stopped napping, I was completely thrown off. Sometimes it would be 5pm and I’d gather the books around the table and try to get school in while I was also trying to get dinner ready. By then we were tired and rushed. When we do our school work first thing in the morning, it always gets done. Bonus, you don’t feel rushed doing it! 

We get more done.

It’s funny, but when we do school first thing in the morning, there always seems to be time to get most everything else done on my to-do list. But if we put it off to do “other things” I barely make it through a few things and the day slips by.

We have more time for fun.

When we get school work done early, we have more time to do fun activities. Whether it’s a board games, legos, playing dress up, crafts, trips to the park, zoo, or Science Museum; we get more opportunities for these things when we do our school work first. I’ve also noticed that it’s way way more enjoyable when we don’t have work hanging over our heads while we play. We can give yourself fully to the recreation, know that our responsibilities are taken care of. Like my wise husband always says, “you work, then you play!”

We make more progress.

I almost forgot this one. But it’s probably the most important when it comes to academics. We have made tons of progress with academics and discipline since we have begun schooling in the morning. Tiger is finally writing his name! (Something I thought might never happen.) And his reading has really taken off. 


Yesterday was a stressful and crazy day. But today, Monday of all days, has been fantastic! I credit this largely to our morning schedule (and God’s mercies that are new every morning.)

Have you found a homeschool schedule that works for you? What does it look like?

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