Fine Motor Friday: Using & Organizing Playdoh

Help kids develop fine motor strength through fun with playdoh. Plus great organizing tips!


Let’s be honest homeschool moms, getting boys to work on fine motor skill development is tough! Boys would much rather run, climb, and jump than sit down and color.

I realized I had to switch up my mindset if I was going to help Tiger develop the strength and dexterity he’s going to need to button his shirt and write his name. Out with the crayons and in with the cars!

So I’m starting a series on my boys’ favorite fine motor activities, and what I’ve learned about incorporating them into our simple homeschool routine.

First up to bat: Playdoh!

How We Use Playdoh For Fine-Motor Skills:

One of my very favorite ways to use playdoh is to give my boys a few cans of playdoh and a few tools and let their creativity fuel their play . . . I mean learning . . . while I get a few more sips of coffee.

If you’d like to make your time more structured, or your boys need a little extra help knowing what do with their playdoh, here are some ideas to get you started:

34 Household Items to Use With Play Dough  
Fun Playdoh Activities
Playdoh Spaghetti Activity
B is For Blueberry Preschool Lesson
40+ Open Ended Playdoh Mats

How We Organize Our Playdoh:

I have become a huge fan of organization over the past few years. I’m not always awesome at it, but I’m constantly trying to find better solutions for keeping the clutter at bay! For our playdoh tools we use a plastic shoe box from Dollar Tree. Then all of the playdoh and the box of tools go into a Sterilite Ultra Latch Box! We actually have several of these boxes to organize toys and school supplies because they fit perfectly on the shelves of my closet!

how I organize my playdoh

Our Favorite Playdoh Tools:

I like to try to keep things simple, so here’s what’s in our stash:

The Play-Doh Fun Factory! Lots of squishy fun, very easy on the pocketbook!

playdoh fun factory

Dough Tools – 5 Piece Assortment

Dough Tools 5-piece assortment

Last year I picked up this set of Play Doh Undersea Creations when it was on clearance at Target to add a little extra fun to our tool collection.

playdoh under the sea creations

And that’s it folks. There are so many cool playdoh tools out there, but we prefer to keep it simple so it’s easier to organize and keep track of everything.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate playdoh into your school day? Tell us in the comments!

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