Dollar Store Toy Organizer Make-Over

Things have been crazy busy here! I’m still working on “beautifying” my freezer meal plan for 40 lbs of Zaycon Chicken. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the week. (Update: My FREE Freezer Meal Plan is done now!)

But I wanted to write a quick post and tell you about an awesome idea I stole borrowed from Bee’s amazing Sunday School teacher, Miss. Linda. Can I take a moment to brag about my church’s kids ministry workers? They are awesome! They absolutely love children and Jesus, and it shows! They are such a huge blessing to our children and family!

So here’s the deal. Kids collect stuff. Even with constant de-cluttering and donating, I feel like I can never keep up with all the toys. When it came time to purchase toy storage, I wanted something that was cute, yet frugal, so I went with this one:

For the record my husband told me not to. He said, get one with hard plastic buckets, like this one:

But I couldn’t bring myself to pay twice the amount. Well, as usual, that man God gave me was absolutely right. (When will I learn?) EVERY DAY, the cloth baskets would end up crumpled up on the floor, and the kids were not able to put them back together on their own. I kept it for about a year because I’m a glutton for punishment I had paid so much for it; but I finally realized it was costing me a ton in time and lack of organization. 🙁

I put it in the garage. I felt bad throwing it out, but didn’t want to donate it because the boxes wouldn’t even hold their shape anymore. Who would want it?

Then one Sunday when I picked up Bee from SS, I noticed that Miss. Linda had hung Dollar Tree plastic baskets on the polls of her toy organizer. She had picked up a cloth bin organizer from a garage sale, and converted it to plastic bin organizer! She’s a genius.

So last night, I cut out the cloth where the bins used to sit and hung some plastic bins from the bars and voila:

Check out this awesome DIY Toy Organizer Make-Over with baskets from Dollar Tree!

So if you have a cloth bin toy organizer that is the bane of your existence, or you find one cheap at a garage sale, $8 at Dollar Tree + no special DIY talent will give you a very useful toy organizer!

If you’re a real DIYer, you could probably make the structure with a couple 2′ x 6′ boards and some PVC pipe!

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  1. Deborah from Mommy Crusader
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    This is a really good idea! The cloth boxes are cute, but cannot handle the abuse kids give — for sure. Thanks for a great way to organize kids’ toys. I have this post scheduled for sharing on my FaceBook page. Deborah from


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