Does The World Really Need Another Mommy Blogger?

Does the World Really Need Another Mommy Blogger?

Does The World Really Need Another Mommy Blogger?

Yikes, another mom blog! lol. I don’t know if the world needs another Mommy Blogger or not, but I know that I need a place to write. My hope is that I can be a blessing to others along the way.

Recently I’ve been working as a Virtual Assistant for my friend Amanda at Simple Saving Savvy! (Check her out, she’s awesome.) And while I love what I do, I’ve been reminded how much I love to write, create, and share my ideas with friends.

Fun fact: My very first career choice was to be a writer! Way back in first grade. I loved to write stories, and somewhere there is a notebook containing my very early handiwork. If anyone finds it, hang onto it, it might be work a couple bucks someday . . . or not.

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and praying about whether I should write my own blog, and what I should write about. Most of my experience is in “frugal blogging,” but being a frugal blogger means staying on top of all the latest deals, and publishing grocery store lists every week, and while I appreciate the blogs who do that (my budget definitely benefits from all their hard work) that is just not something I’m interested in doing.

While I may post awesome deals I see here and there, it won’t be a huge part of what I write about. Ok, Ok, you’re saying, “So tell me what you’re going to write about already!” I thought you’d never ask!

Most of what I will be sharing will fall under 3 categories: Faith, Family & Food!

I want to share encouragement as well as practical resources from my own life.

I’m a homeschooling boymom, so I’ll write stuff about that.

I loooooooove my crock pot and freezer cooking, so I’ll probably write a lot about that.

I like DIYs and crocheting, and I’m learning how to sew! So you can expect to see some stuff about that too.

I’m a huge fan of Aldi, ahem.

I like wisely stewarding my family’s resources, so you’ll see some deals here and there.

And most importantly I love JESUS and His Church, so I’ll probably write a lot about that too!

As for the name, it might be a little confusing at first. I actually own an etsy shop, (currently closed) where I sold crochet hats. That is how I became known as Mrs. HappyHatter. I love bringing warmth to people’s heads, hearts & bellies; so, when it came time to choose a name to blog under it seemed only natural that I would use my nom de crochet as my nom de plume!

My handsome and talented husband is working on the back end design of the blog, so definitely be on the look out for better design and more features to come!


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